Campus Walk Through

Online Weekend Experience

As a way to love and prefer your needs, we will continue to provide the online weekend experience. We love hearing your stories of how you’re exploring the Gospel at home, and investing time learning with your family.


Weekend experience

Starting Sundays JunE 28th

Family Experience

Starting Wednesday July 1st

Our intention and desire is to begin resuming a weekly Sunday service format with both traditional and contemporary worship starting Sunday, June 28th.  Since we won’t have children’s programming on Sundays, we are also planning to offer weekly family experiences gatherings that will be tailored to families with children starting Wednesday July 1st.  All services will be conducted with social distancing measures in place along with adequate time to properly sanitize our building in between gatherings. These gathering will also entail an RSVP list to ensure an appropriate size for each gathering.


Re-Gathering Considerations

Is what we are doing wise and responsible?
Will we build trust in our campus and in our community?
Is what we are doing purposeful and effective?
Will we love and prefer others by what we are doing?
Does what we are doing shine the lights bright on Jesus?

Click here to watch the video from Pastor Dan about our regathering plan


Will masks be required?

In short, no. You may see some volunteers, staff, and other attendees wearing masks, however, we are not requiring a mask to attend service. Please feel free to wear your mask if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Will there be singing?

Our goal is to create our Grace Church experience as close to normal as possible. We will be singing and worshiping together during our services.

Will there be programming for my children?

At this time we aren’t offering Children’s programming. Children are welcome to come to Sunday gatherings, but our Wednesday Family Experience (FX) is more geared towards kids.

Are we cleaning in between services?

Yes, we have spaced out the start times of our services to allow time to clean in between each service before we allow the next service attendees to enter the building. 

Are we social distancing?

In an effort to prefer others, in the auditorium we have limited capacities for each service time. We have moderately social distanced the rows of chairs and are asking people to find seating together as a family and leave two seats between families.

Will offering baskets be passed?

We will not be passing offering baskets in service during this time.  You may give online here or text GIVE to 844-594-1218 and follow the prompts. 

You can also drop your offering in the black boxes located in the auditorium or lobby areas.

What if I am not comfortable returning to in-person services?

No problem!  We will be continuing all of our online services as we have been. You are welcome to continue being a part of the family of Grace through streaming.