Intentional Parenting

Pastor Greg Foote and Shari Jones (Sundays starting 1/10 at 9:30am)
We want to help guide parents through 10 specific actions that will help them become more effective in parenting.


The Bible, Me and Global Missions

Pastor Adam Speas (Wednesdays starting 1/6 at 8:30pm)
The Bible is a book about missions; we will explore God’s unchanging purposes and investigate how His global plan is unfolding.


God’s Epic Story

Pastor Jonathan Carey and Aaron Gregory (Tuesdays starting 1/5 at 7pm)
For those who may be newer to the Bible, we want to give you some help learning how to read it, understand it, and get a better picture of how it all comes together in one cohesive story.



Dave and Lorie Purdy (Wednesdays starting 1/6 at 7pm)
We’ll discuss tools to deepen the roots of our relationships and cultivate the joy many of us seek or wish to maintain in our marriages.


Money Management

John Fox (Tuesdays starting 1/5 at 7pm)
We will explore our role as financial stewards of what God has provided to us through applying God’s Word to financial topics such as budgeting, savings, debt payment, giving, and investing.


What We Believe

Pastor Aidan Finn and John Davis (Wednesdays starting 1/6 at 7:30pm)
We will dig into the what and whys of what we believe; because knowing the foundations of what we believe helps us to follow Jesus more boldly!


An Apprentice of Jesus

Ethan Taylor (Thursdays starting 1/7 at 6pm)
We will be learning how spiritual disciplines such as solitude, slowing, celebrating, prayer, fasting, and others have the potential to refresh and renew us in the presence of Jesus.


Mental Health

Sarah Friddle (Sunday’s starting 1/10 at 9:30am)
We will discuss the most common mental health issues & basic helping skills/strategies for caring for those struggling with these concerns.


Virtual Discovery

Pastor Adam Speas (Sundays starting 1/10 at 6pm)
Come learn about the mission, vision, and values of Grace Church and how you can get connected here at Norton.

We hope you’ll find that Grace is somewhere that you can feel comfortable to explore faith, ask questions, grow spiritually, and connect with others. And most importantly, of course, we hope you connect with God!